Syrup perfected over five generations of maple sugar farmers.

Maple Syrup

Our maple syrup has been consistently judged to be exceptional. One reason – the warm days and cold nights of spring in the Berkshires, nature’s perfect recipe for delicious maple syrup. Another reason for our gourmet quality – the method and speed of processing the maple sap. At our new state-of-the-art maple syrup production facility, we can collect all of the sap immediately, as all of it gets pumped directly to the sugar house through more than 16 miles of tubing.

Maple Cream

Grade A Medium Amber syrup is reduced and whipped into a smooth, 100% maple sugar cream. Excellent for spreads, frostings, and glazes, our cream is made in small batch quantities to ensure the perfect texture

Sweet Brook Beef

Look for our grass-fed, pasture raised, Black Angus beef coming in Spring 2020.

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